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$1.00 Trial $20 Payout


Our $20 payouts on $1 qualified trials fills up your wallets fast. We have created sites that get content updates numerous times throughout the day so the site is always fresh to the surfer. This is key for getting paid on trials. Our retention is golden so you will be seeing many of those trials convert. qualified is trial from Tier 1 countries. See T&C for list.


$9.97 Full Month $15 Payout


At this price point surfers are crazy not to give in. We have went old school with our prices and found a low price point that will grab the surfers attention. Once they get a peek of what is inside for them it will not be too hard to have them whip out their wallet for a price tag such as this.


50% RevShare Across The Board


Our Are you a more conservative webmaster that likes to get consistent checks on time every time? Then CFCs RevShare program is what you most likely should opt for. You will be cashing in on 50% the user you refer spends on our sites. With our numerous updates daily of unique homegrown content you can be assured our retention will be great.